Web Design checklist

Sure, this economy is tough for business. There are too many projects and not always the budget to fund them.  When business is slow however, it is the perfect time to invest in your company’s web site. With properly structured SEO, your site can increase your number of clients and draw in more business. It is the best tool available to you for advertising purposes.
It is important to make sure you put the best possible product forward, however.  The web design and copywriting should reflect your business’s high standards.
Here are some questions to help you decide if you could benefit from Clear Vision web design or marketing services:
-How old is the design for your current web site?
-When was the last time you changed the content on your page?
-Do you have the ability to update your own site?
-Do all the links on your current site work?
-Are you having problems with the consistency in the design?
Customers need a reason to keep coming back. If you have made no modifications to the design or content they will get bored. Do you have a sale, or want them to know about upcoming events? It’s important to let them know. Your design should look modern. If you have animated pictures of fireworks on your page for example, and you are not in the fireworks business, the design may be outdated.
Please, talk with us about your web site.  We specialize in quality, creative web design. We work locally in the Aurora area, or nationally. Or you can refer to our articles page and other blog posts to point you in the right direction. We can help you get the product your company needs to do business in this market, at an affordable price.

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