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Support your local musicians

December 13, 2010


At Clear Vision Communications, we are big supporters of local music. We want to see more national acts brought locally, and more local acts succeed. With this in mind, we created Rockin’ the Suburbs, a Facebook page to become a source on local shows. “Like” our page, and we will let you know what bands […]

Social Media

November 12, 2010


There are too many companies out there who simply create a Facebook fan page, and say they are using social media to help their business. So many of those fan pages are blank. Nothing is being done and nobody is talking. There are things you can do to add some livelihood to your Internet campaign. […]

Customize your Facebook fan page

November 8, 2010


Facebook is the most popular website on the Internet for one reason, because it is one of the best. It’s very clean and functional and provides a service to consumers better than all of its competitors. That being said, it is also sterile. It’s hard to achieve distinction on a Facebook page, when everyone’s is […]

A Social Media Example

October 28, 2010


Do I need Social Media? There are many business owners who are on the fence regarding the use of social media. They don’t know what it is, or how to use it. So they become skeptics. I want to give an example, to hopefully illustrate the power of a strong social media presence. Let’s say […]

Copywriting solutions

October 26, 2010

0 I wanted to announce my new website, to showcase some of my copywriting and Internet marketing work. The website provides a background for my 10-year writing career, along with a portfolio that shows some of my more recent commercial and journalistic work. The website provides a second showcase for my work that will […]

Read about business marketing, web design

October 18, 2010


I have enjoyed sharing information about the importance of marketing your website here. Websites and Internet marketing truly are the secret to small business success in an ailing economy. With that in mind, I will be writing about web design, Internet marketing, and copywriting, among other subjects, in two places. One is hubpages. Hubpages is […]

The advantages to an original website

October 16, 2010


As a small business, attracting clients can be similar to job hunting. The main objective in both activities is to sell yourself, and sell your services. How do you do that? By making yourself stand out. A unique, well designed website with original graphics is the best way to do that. It’s no secret that […]