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Posted on 11/12/2010


There are too many companies out there who simply create a Facebook fan page, and say they are using social media to help their business. So many of those fan pages are blank. Nothing is being done and nobody is talking. There are things you can do to add some livelihood to your Internet campaign.

A Facebook fan page is a logical place to start your efforts. There are things you can do with it to ensure its effectiveness. First, use it to have a conversation with your friends. It’s social media, and the important thing is to be social. Provide useful tips, and contribute to the conversation within your field of expertise. This will go so much better than selling. Offer tips, be useful and build relationships. Leave comments on other people’s wall. Contribute.

Make sure your page is visually appealing. If you had an event over the weekend, post pictures. Make sure it’s visual. Another great tool Facebook offers to help with the visual is Facebook Markup Language. This allows you to post text and graphics with the freedom of their markup language.

Twitter is also a helpful platform. You can Tweet advice, and tips within your field of expertise. You can also respond to other followers using the @ feature. Your page should be filled with @ Tweets. It means that your having conversations and building relationships. You can also find work on Twitter, using the search feature. I know a few professionals who have done quite well by looking for those, looking for them.

Blogging is also important. In SEO circles there is a phrase: “Content is King.” By routinely blogging, and feeding that blog through your website, you’re allowing keyword rich content to assist your websites ranking in the search engines. Blog about your business blog about your area of expertise. Search engines are looking to rank the websites higher that establish themselves as authoritative in their fields. There are several ways to allow your blog content to populate your website. If you don’t do that, at least provide a link to your blog on your website. It will only help your rankings.

There’s several other sites out there that help. Create profiles for your business in as many places as you can. Keep them current and contribute as much as you can. You never know what will catch the eye of a customer or a search engine.

Do your research. There are many industry-specific social media sites that can help you gain exposure with the right people. Check out your options.

If you have a video camera and are photogenic, consider video blogging. Video is ranking extremely high in the search engines currently, and is a more personable way for customers to see what your business is about. It’s not for everyone, but the return can be high.

Just remember with social media, you get back what you put in. Promote yourself across channels. If you post a video blog to Youtube, provide a link on Facebook. If you blog on Hubpages, link to it in Myspace. Follow people on different platforms and encourage them to do the same.

Just keep finding more platforms and getting the word out, and your customers will find you.

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