Customize your Facebook fan page

Posted on 11/08/2010


Facebook is the most popular website on the Internet for one reason, because it is one of the best. It’s very clean and functional and provides a service to consumers better than all of its competitors.

That being said, it is also sterile. It’s hard to achieve distinction on a Facebook page, when everyone’s is laid out the same way. Then, Facebook Markup Language (FBML) came along. People were allowed to make some of these changes that will make them more noticeable. All the while Facebook keeps its look and feel.

We’ve recently made some changes to the Clear Vision Facebook page using FBML, and we’d love to do the same for yours. Come, check it out at

In a land of anonymity, where everything looks the same, it is best to draw a distinction between you and your competition. We can help you do that.

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