Ten Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Posted on 10/12/2010


Most of us are web designers. There are plenty of resources out there for the right way to fill alt tags, create meta data, and submit to directories. Here is a list of 10 things you can do online and off to increase your online presence and attract potential customers.
1. Write a press release—Your website is newsworthy, so let news organizations know.
2. Do non-profit work—Sure this is a lot of work, but it is rewarding. When you are done, you can show local business owners, and present it in front of the non-profit’s city council to get more jobs.
3. Be an expert—You can write articles, blogs, press releases and join discussion boards relating to your profession. The more active and vocal you are, the more likely you’ll get noticed.
4. Network—Meetup.com is a great resource. Also, any errand you have, make a point talk to the owner. A colleague of mine just picked up a job while doing his laundry at a local laundromat.
5. Ask for links—Do other businesses cater to the same audience that you want to? Don’t be shy, ask them for a link.
6. Work the social media—Social media is about being social. Respond to everyone, be an expert, but go easy on the selling. Use as many sites as you can and use them the right way.
7. Email/Direct mail marketing—Build yourself a nice list. Communicate with them through email or direct mail. Get your business out there.
8. Keep your content up to date—Maybe potential customers visit your site once or twice. To keep them returning, they need a reason. Update your content and keep them hooked.
9. Build specific landing pages—Build specific landing pages tailored for an ad campaign, a special offer, or to target a specific group. Use other items on this list to promote them.
10. Give away stuff—Pens, cards, mugs, etc. Get your URL out there into the right hands.

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