The technology is so different, but the principles remain

Posted on 09/28/2010


Recently, I found this checklist of things for web designers to consider when they build a site for clients:

The list is wonderful. It’s got everything on there from knowing your audience, to designing for all the different browsers, to making sure the content is readily available and of high quality.

The one thing I noticed about this list, is that it was compiled in 2006. Four years ago in web design, is like 50 years ago in calendar years. The technology advances so fast.

While the technology may move that fast, the principles of a quality site are staying the same. The customer wants the same thing. They want a quality product. While the design draws people in, the quality and consistency of content is still hugely important. Who can forget browsers? Web designers need to be testing across the board.

What the customer sees the first time they click on your site is a reflection of your work. So while the technology is light years apart over this time, the things designers consider should stay the same.

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