Google trumps phone book every time

Posted on 07/18/2010


You’ve decided you need something new. Maybe you don’t know who sells it. Ten to 15 years ago, you rush to the phone book, look in the yellow pages under the right category and find a list of area stores. You make the phone calls, and pay a visit.

As technology improves, things change. Now, you decide you want something, you go to the computer and Google it.

The bottom line for small businesses to compete in this changing environment is this: If you don’t have a website that answers your potential customer’s questions, you lose.

I will give a personal example now, to illustrate my point. While I write this, I am in the market for a new bicycle. I would like to get in better shape, and train for some races with it. So, last night, I spent almost two hours researching local bike stores online, and very soon, I will pay a few of them a visit. The ones that I will visit are the ones that told me that they have the best bikes for racing purposes in stock. They may have even had small descriptions about the bikes on the site. This is the kind of research that is readily accessible, and necessary for consumers to conduct, to make informed purchasing decisions. The Internet creates a smarter consumer, and renders phone books unnecessary.

So, when someone Googles your business, or the product that you sell, it is not enough to just have your address come up in Google maps. A random review by a customer is not enough, even if it is a good one. These things make excellent compliments to a web site that also ranks high in Google. If you are not helping your customer make their informed purchasing decision before they leave their home, they will not think of you when it comes time to buy.

So, save some space in your home. It’s OK to throw that phone book away! If you insist on keeping it, they make excellent stools so that your children can eat at the table. A website is truly the best advertising decision your business can make.  Feel free to contact us or read more on our articles page!

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